The Hue citadel is a colossal fortification complex, largest and most strongly – built in Vietnam’s monarchy. Constructed during three first decades of the 19th century, it called for a lot of mind, materials and toil of the whole country. Before the construction work started, the Nguyen Court had bettered the navigation network in the vast […]

Hue Imperial Citadel is the only capital city of the Vietnamese monarchy that remains today. It was on principles of the Oriental feng-shui that walls and royal palaces of Hue were systematically planned and constructed. This architectural complex faces southeast, taking the Royal Screen Mount as a natural screen. Two islets in the Perfume River […]

Hue city is one of the few ancient capitals of the world that maintains today a cultural heritage of national and international importance. On making Hue capital of Viet Nam early in the 19th century, the Nguyen Dynasty (1802 – 1945) had constructed here a complete urban complex in which the Perfume River took a […]